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Clean Architecture with DevSecOps

This article is related to the showcase project to present best DevSecOps practices together with Clean Architecture patterns for building ASP .NET Core Web ...

IoT with Azure Serverless and UWP

In this article would like to present how to connect Azure Serverless services together with IoT device to display real time data in the UWP application.

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Azure Truck IoT

Azure Truck project was created to demonstrate how Microsoft technologies can be used together inside the car created by polish Microsoft Most Valuable Profe...

Azure AD B2C and ASP .NET Core Web API

In this article I would like to present how to configure Azure Active Directory B2C (Business-to-Consumer). Before that its worth to mention few words about ...

Microsoft Bot Framework – part 3

In this article I would like to discuss how to use Bot Emulator and how to connect Bot to different channels like Skype and how to communicate with it.

Microsoft Bot Framework – part 2

In the first part I described some key concepts connected with Bot Framework and in this article I would like to discuss the source code of created Bot.

Microsoft Bot Framework – part 1

In this article I would like to describe what exactly Microsoft Bot Framework offers and what are its key concepts and present how to create simple Bot in Az...

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